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I'm a UKCP Registered psychotherapist and counsellor providing online and face to face sessions in Holborn, central London WC1.

If you're suffering emotional pain, anxiety or confusion, for whatever reason, then psychotherapy or counselling will give you time and space to slow down..., take a breath..., gather yourself together in one place... and start to make sense of things.

Meeting with a psychotherapist - someone from outside your social group and family - offers you a fresh perspective and insight on whatever may be troubling you, whether something recent has been upsetting or you've been unhappy or anxious for much longer. I believe we all have far more inner resources than we realise and that being listened to, taken seriously and becoming genuinely curious about our lives and who we are, can help reveal those hidden strengths, enabling us to find our best path forward.


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Being mindful, present and aware deepens our understanding of our self and others, increases our ability to focus as well as making life and relationships more meaningful

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My approach & experience

As an Integrative psychotherapist I bring together ideas and ways of working from several schools of thought, in particular my influences are drawn from Gestalt, Psychodynamic and Existential psychotherapy. Together these different perspectives help me relate to each person from a holistic viewpoint, meaning I pay attention to the many different ways in which human experience is expressed - consciously, unconsciously, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Our childhood experiences often have links to patterns of behaviour and thinking that may be problematic in our lives now. Talking and thinking together with a psychotherapist about your life history, is an opportunity to gain greater self awareness, understand yourself better and to change unhelpful patterns.

Working in a flexible way, I tailor my approach in response to each individual, their personality and needs. I'll encourage you to approach yourself with compassion and curiosity (not self criticism). And,  if needed, I offer strategies to help you cope in daily life e.g., mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety. At the core of my approach is the understanding that self awareness is central to well being.



Over the past 15 years I've worked with people who bring a wide range of concerns to therapy, including:
anxiety, panic attacks, depression, bereavements & loss, family & relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, infertility and IVF, unresolved issues from the past, trauma, identity issues, work-related problems, long term illness or injury, life transitions (e.g. ageing, retirement, illness or injuries), student concerns (e.g., exam stress & worry), eating disorders, sexuality, feelings of isolation and loneliness.
I'm also experienced in working long-term with trainee psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and counsellors from training institutions across London.

Bereavement Counsellor

Working with bereavement and loss is an especial interest to me and I've become particularly skilled and attuned to working in this field. My experience includes working with those who have suffered traumatic bereavements such as sudden deaths, accidents, suicide, the death of a child. For over 5 years I was an NHS Hospice bereavement counsellor and received additional training in bereavement work.  Please visit Bereavement Counselling for more information.

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Psychotherapy in Holborn, Central London and online

I offer sessions online (Tuesday, Wednesday) and face to face (Thursdays) in Holborn, Central London  WC1. I'm close to Holborn, Chancery Lane, Russell Square underground stations.

You can find me listed on the following professional accredited websites:
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Psychotherapy and Counselling in Central London WC1

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist in Holborn


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